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Orphans 1 (EP)

by Rise Of The Ziggurat

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The monsters crashing in The lights are getting dim Who's your martyr now? I tried to make amends Instead my will depends I miss you my old pal And of all the people here Turn away until answers appear And you know where I am I begin to understand That the problems are in my hands And they won't go away NEVER SURRENDER ALWAYS SURVIVE I can see the pixels The crystal in your eyes Awoken to the world old routines try to hide Begging for a meaning And longing for a cause Don't wish ones time away Wait Step back Pause See the different colours And wash away the fear Those crystal eyes are hungry And things aren't as they appear The loudest seem misguided The silent care too much And some have lost the meaning They are simply out of touch People they are people And your gods they are weak For allowing you to think that you've reached natures peak Why should we define us on successes only gained By feeding off the weaker prole and shifting all the blame It isn't too late, so let this lesson be learned Never again should a blind eye be turned And level your demons, whilst you still are alive And never surrender And always survive It's taken an age, to heed all the scars The illusion was weak not confined to the past All things we once did achieve, will fade away I will not forget, you won't suck me in Your lies they are weak and beginning to thin The castle is crumbling down and I can't get out
Fractured 02:51
Not one to rehash, forgotten ideas Just take comfort in familiarity Or so it appears Been given some extra time But I just want to sleep A reason I still cannot find Have I fallen to deep? If only you knew The cracked trail of thoughts that I see in you Beware what you see I don't know how much is still left in me The fresh air outside Is enough to breathe in Starts to remind That our conscious is thin And what will become of this A few years down the line A broken ancestory That once used to shine If only you knew The cracked trail of thoughts that I see in you Beware what you see I don't know how much is still left in me Its time to decide To force things to change or just flutter by Now that we're through I'd whisk you away down to Enys View Christmas means different things now When you realise what's true Those fractures may never heal But at least I have you
Sorry, Love 03:12
I feel like I'm loosing my way I was not prepared for today Things are in motion and I don't know how to survive Held on for as long as I could Longer than I ever should Surely a blessing but it may be in a disguise Do not worry about the next day Go find a place alone you can lay Hold it together because things will now on will get tough I may fall down But you know you'll still have my love I found it hard to settle in It wasn't me at all to begin Fear kept me from changing And now I see it was a waste Look round and see what you've made A wonderful and loving parade That welcomes us in from the chaos that haunts me outside Should I have run to gain better scope Even if it was to leave me broke If only I could see clear But solutions don't always appear We will move on because you are the one I hold dear
Ascension 03:04
Burnt your tongue And spoilt the view And no one cares to fight for you Taken away Memories end but thoughts will always be with you Drift away And numb till the end Look back And let her ascend Up high At peace


A small collection of unfinished early songs and demos that were being worked on before the almighty hard drive crash of 2019.

They are being released in the state they were in, with no additional work. In the hope of mentally moving on.

A snapshot in time.

Free download.


released August 1, 2020

Mike Garrett - Music
Waslkingwithsnufkin - Art


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Rise Of The Ziggurat UK

You can get away with whatever you want, when no one listens.

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