The Old Guard

by Rise Of The Ziggurat

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released June 8, 2018

Mike Garrett - Music
Darren Williams - Art
Special thanks - Family, Pet, Gazz, Ad & Tom.


all rights reserved



Rise Of The Ziggurat UK

You can get away with whatever you want, when no one listens.

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Track Name: 7 Dreamers
Better to face it head on, but its been too long
Simle just to get through the day, get back to winning ways
Haunted by ghosts of the past, numbers increasing fast
Instead of look you in the eye, its time we said goodbye.

It's that familiar sound, that we've all been let down
Feelings may come and go, somehow we'll never know
Your words may be off the cuff, but fuck you I've had enough
Distance may clear the air but some how I'm still stuck here

It's not too late
Track Name: The Old Guard
I wish I had your back, I wish I could step up
An honourary plaque, for running out of luck
Sometimes I believe, theres no where left to sleep
Life's a hummingbird, no one gets to keep

Take a breath, close your eyes
Learn whats happening inside
Chase the dream, between her thighs
Forget the rules that you abide

I used to hesitate, instead of understand
All I ever missed, was someones guiding hand
To open up my eyes and lead me well astray
To help me see the world, in many different ways

Take a breath, open your eyes
Learn whats happening outside
Chase the dream, beneath new skies
Forget the rules that you abide

Please don't follow my lead anymore
Save yourself from the heartache they caused
Forget what they've done
And try to move one
Theres so much beyond those walls.
There will come a day
Where we've all gone away
So don't give a fuck what they say

No remorse.

Theres more to this than you'll ever understand.
Track Name: Right Hand Man
Your right hand man
Take his liberties doesn't give a damn
Your right hand man
Is this part of your masterplan

Just an empty shell
With the ghosts of a living hell
But whats done is done
They moved on and we have been out run
We have been outgunned

I can't believe no ones listening to me
I do not think I am still sane
We seem to be in some Mickey Mouse club
Saloon doors will show us the way

Everything is crumbling and legacy fall
Rome wasn't built in a day
Look out for those that helped you to the top
Don't let them all fade away

It may be some time before
I can get over this
Maybe theres nothing more
Than opportunities missed

Your right hand man
Picks apart the corpse and splits for land
He's on his way
We should have drawn a line down in the sand,
Escaped his hand